Does your house Stress you Out?

by | Feb 15, 2021

I have found that when my home is cluttered and a mess I cannot rest. On the flip side, when I enter my home after it has been professionally cleaned there is a sense of relief and dare I say, JOY! Listen for a working mom that is juggling calendars in every area of life, it helps to have a team of people in my court to help keep up with the demands of a busy household. There is actually scientific data to support a clean home relieves stress. It has been some time since I read the article, but if I remember correctly, cortisol levels (hormone indicating stress) were higher in women that felt their home was untidy but the opposite of those women that felt good about the cleanliness of their home. It even lead to healthier lifestyles and healthy eating. Ummm not sure I believe the healthy eating part but I will buy into the reduced stress for sure!

I have had a professional cleaning service for several years to maintain my home and at first I will say I felt guilty. Not sure if was my catholic upbringing and my mother in my ear telling us that “it is the family’s responsibility to keep up the house,” but I quickly learned to appreciate the help. With life moving so fast and no end in sight it became very clear to me that spending an entire Saturday cleaning the house instead of quality time with my family was just no a sacrifice I was willing to make. Don’t get me wrong, we had to make some adjustments to our household budget and give up some other expenses but both my husband and I agree it was a great decision.
The Cleaning Pros do a fantastic job keeping everything clean. They are thorough, efficient and follow a great process so each clean is done the same as the last. A housecleaning checklist is provided and is customized to our lifestyle.

Ways to customize your residential cleaning service:

  • Include changing bed linens each visit or monthly
  • Include window cleaning or pressure washing
  • Include Inside of refrigerator or oven
  • Include lanai or pool area cleaning

Having a professional cleaning service has definitely reduced my stress and provides a sense of relief knowing my family can enjoy the little bit of free time we have and still live in a clean and tidy space. Get your professional home cleaning quote now by calling 727-834-8972!