Get the Most Value for your Home Sale by Scheduling a Deep, One-Time Cleaning

by | Jan 15, 2021

Selling your home is an exciting and busy time and can leave you exhausted. The good news is that making some basic adjustments can allow you to get a much better asking price and will likely speed up the process of getting that sold sticker.

We have surveyed several successful realtors and compiled a list of consideration when planning to list your home for sale. Having a clean home that shows well could be the most important part of selling your home quickly!
Clean, Clean, Clean. It might be the MOST important tip. This is something ALL realtors try to stress to their sellers. Having a clean home allows for potential buyers to envision themselves living there. If your home is dirty, cluttered and a mess most buyers will be put off by the condition and not give it second thought.

Hiring a professional cleaning service to help you prepare your home is an investment worth making. This type of professional home cleaning is often called move in or move out cleaning or a deep one time cleaning of a home. This will include a hard wipe down of all trim work, baseboards, ceiling fans and fixtures, HVAC intake vents as well as all cabinetry, sliders and tracks along with a thorough clean of the home.

Odor Matters

Pay close attention to smells as this can also turn buyers away. If you have pets and carpet it is likely you will need a good carpet cleaning to get the pet odor removed. If you smoke, it will be critical that you do not smoke in the house. Smoke smell is one of the hardest to overcome and typically need a professional deep cleaning service to rid the space of the odor. Air fresheners are a great addition while showing the home but be sure they aren’t too fragrant and pick a fresh scent not floral.

Declutter and keep the Décor Simple

Displaying lots of nick knacks and having over the top décor can inhibit a buyer’s ability to see the space fully. Keeping a space minimally decorated with neutral colors helps buyers to envision their own belonging in the space.

Get Rid of Personal Items

After decluttering be sure to put away the family photos and clear the refrigerator of the latest art project from the kids. You want the buyer to see his/her family in the space not yours.

Bring the outside into your home

A couple of well place plants will turn a space into warm, inviting room. Also open the blinds and let as much natural light in as possible. If you have a dark area it would be wise to add a light. Generally speaking, a well-lit room will appear larger than a dark enclosed space.

Finish that Honey Do list

Unfinished projects may leave the buyer questioning what other projects may be hiding. Most people do not feel comfortable tackling home projects when considering buying.

Crate a spa like bathroom

For a minimal investment you can buy some matching towels, bath mat and shower curtain that will transform your master bathroom into a retreat. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas on how to create a spa bathroom for little time and money.

Don’t forget the front of the house

This is your buyer’s first impression. Spending some time cleaning up the front yard and planting a few low maintenance plants that will welcome potential buyers will be time well spent.

Organize your closets

You will be moving soon and this is a great opportunity to clean out that closet and donate those items you no longer want or need. Show off your closets and the storage spaces of your home as best you can. You could even pack up things and prepare for your upcoming move!

Shut the toilet seat!

If you expect your home to be shown by different realtors be sure to close the lid to the toilets. There is nothing inviting about looking into someone else’s commode!

If you need help getting your home cleaned up and ready to sell give The Cleaning Pros a call at 727-834-8972. WE are a trusted partner of realtors across Tampa Bay and we understand the importance of a professionally cleaned home. We also offer Carpet Cleaning, tile and grout, window and pressure washing.