What to look for in a Professional House Cleaning Service

by | Feb 1, 2021

Hiring a professional home cleaning service can seem overwhelming with so many options and it is critically important to be sure you allow only the best and most trusted into your home. There are many ways to find a good residential cleaning service such as Google, Facebook, Angie’s List but we recommend asking your friends and neighbors who they might be using and if they are happy with the services. There are important factors to consider when choosing a professional cleaning service and asking the following 5 questions can help you find the best fit and avoid potential disaster:

Is your service insured and bonded?

Can you provide a copy of proof or a certificate of insurance? You would be surprised by the number of small business operators that are not insured or bonded and this leaves you exposed to loss and liability if the person should hurt themselves in our home. Although the solo cleaner can be much more affordable they don’t carry insurance that will cover any loss to your home or personal belongings and if they slip and fall while cleaning your bathtub they could hold you responsible. Not necessarily fair but that is the reality of the situation. Bonding is also important as it protects you from theft.

Are your cleaning technicians background checked and drug tested?

This question will both ensure the people entering your home have been screened carefully and that you take your security seriously. There is a significant expense to a proper background and drug screening so only those professional cleaning services will take the time, effort and expense in completing the proper checks.

What is your process for cleaning?

Any great cleaning service has a process and it will differ from one service to the next. The point in asking this question is to further weed out those companies that just “wing it” and say “We clean the whole house top to bottom.” This is a bit of a cop out. A professional Cleaning service should be able to explain how they attack a home and what process they use to ensure cross contamination from the restroom to the kitchen or your child’s bedroom.

At The Cleaning Pros, the same team member will do all the wet areas and the other team member will clean all dry areas. This allows for an efficient and thorough cleaning each and every time. All of the employees have been trained in every area of the home. We also use a color coded microfiber system and clean equipment between each home to eliminate the possibility of using a dirty rag on a clean surface or bringing dirt from one home to another. For example, Red rags stay in a bathroom and are used on toilets, blue rags are for glass windows and mirrors, green rags are for dusting and each house starts with clean rags, disinfected tools and hepa filtration systems that are cleaned and changed daily.

The Cleaning Pros take health and disinfection seriously and are using cutting edge procedures and technology to be sure we are doing everything possible to keep our employee, clients and the clients home safe and clean.

Will the same professional cleaning team be at my house every time?

This is a great question and an important one. One of the benefits of using a professional cleaning service is that they will have multiple and sometimes several cleaning teams out each day working hard to keep home clean. At the Cleaning Pros we have between 7-10 teams out each day driving company cars wrapped in The Cleaning Pros logos and fully equipped to handle that days schedule. We work hard to ensure you get the same team each service but there are days when one or even both teammates are ill or cannot work. It is at this point we will reach out to communicate the situation and ask if you’re comfortable having another professional trained cleaning team to substitute for that clean. This is why having a formal process and training program is so important. Each cleaning technician has mastered The Cleaning Pros system of cleaning so ideally you should not have much variance in the cleaning outcome but we do recognize the comfort of having the same team you have grown to know and trust in your home.

Can I change my cleaning schedule if needed?

At The Cleaning Pros, we ask that you notify as quickly as possible if schedule changes need to happen. We work hard to provide the best work life balance for our technicians and they depend on the hours for income. Life happens and things change so making adjustments is part of our daily lives and we will work with you to find the right time and schedule for you.

The last and equally important factor is communication and customer service.

The Cleaning Pros is a family owned and operated business and every employee works hard to be sure your experience is fantastic. No one is perfect but we are quick to respond if something falls short and we are only one phone call away! Give The Cleaning Pros a try and you won’t be disappointed! We will help make the onboarding process easy and stress free! Call today 727-834-8972.